World renowned jellyfish expert Chad Widmer volunteers to get stung by a 10

World renowned jellyfish expert Chad Widmer volunteers to get stung by a 10″ Pacific Coast Sea Nettle jellyfish to test StingMate®!


StingMate® Was Tested by Jellyfish Experts

Our product has been tested on real people using real jellyfish (they actually volunteered!). We believe so much in our product that we flew to a coastal aquarium where renowned jellyfish researcher Chad Widmer and his team offered up their own arms for testing – they must have believed in our product too… We didn’t just lay a tentacle on their arms; we placed an entire jellyfish across their forearms to provide the worst sting scenario…. anything in the name of science, right?

We were pleased to be able to offer the brave subjects relief with StingMate®. They experienced pain relief within minutes and, after two hours, 80% of the volunteers had no indication of a sting, while 20% had complete pain relief but minor redness still visible.

Jellyfish Lab Test After using StingMate®


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“… over the past couple of days I have had a chance to use the product on myself and injured patrons.  I have to tell you the product works great.  I was stung on the upper leg, put some on and the pain went away.  As for the patrons that were stung, they expressed that the pain was gone within 30 seconds to a minute.”

Heathline Website ScreenshotStingMate® featured on Dr. Paul S. Auerbach’s Healthline Blog 

Paul S. Auerbach, MD, MS, FACEP, FAWM, is the Redlich Family Professor of Surgery in the Division of Emergency Medicine at Stanford University. He is the world’s leading authority on wilderness medicine and is one of the world’s leading authorities on emergency medicine.



John Davenport, Jr., Captain/EMS Supervisor, Fire & Rescue Operations Division, Department of Fire & Life Safety, Yorktown, Virginia: “The height of the tourist season in Yorktown occurs during the summer months, unfortunately coinciding with the Sea Nettle (Chrysaora Auinquecirrha) season. Numerous stings occur at our beachfront annually that result in calls for service from our Department of Fire & Life Safety. (To date this year, there have been 30 responses from our Yorktown station, Station 4, to treat jellyfish stings.). With the assistance of a friend and co-worker, we evaluated [StingMate®]. Our evaluator sustained multiple stings to his forearm, and had some tentacles still on his skin following exposure. We waited approximately four minutes to apply the gel, as this is our typical non-emergency response time from the nearest firehouse. We applied the gel as directed on the bottle. Following the first application of two, our subject experienced complete pain relief ‘instantly.’ The first application was removed as directed (we used a craft-stick). A second application of gel was applied and rinsed off about 30 seconds later. Our subject described a 95% reduction of pain, with the residual effect being more of an ‘awareness of having been stung’ than a discomfort. When asked to compare it to our Department’s current treatment modality, which he had also field-tested, he replied: ‘There is no comparison.’…During the hour following the evaluator’s exposure, the physical signs of his envenomation subsided, and none of his pain or discomfort returned.”

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StingMate could end your worries about Jellyfish stings!