Lidocaine Free

StingMate® is a LIDOCAINE FREE product and meets all FDA approved OTC guidelines as safe therefore, we have all the necessary MSDS documents and efficacy letters available. (Please note the latest FDA public health advisory regarding lidocaine application… here)

Our company would like to introduce you to our product, StingMate®, which has proven effective in the field since the gel release July 2008. Before we released, we tested our product under the watchful eye of acclaimed jellyfish authority and marine biologist, Chad Widmer ( at a world renowned Pacific Coast Aquarium.

StingMate® neutralizing gel is lidocaine free and contains specific levels of acetic acid and menthol which work by inactivating stinging cells called nematocysts. The menthol provides a cooling sensation for lasting relief for the affected area, small or large, since the patented gel does not run off the body as would plain vinegar. StingMate® is much more convenient and practical than bringing a gallon of vinegar on your beach outing. The gel suspends the stinging cells and allows remaining ones to be simply scraped off the skin with any straight edge card.

We at StingMate® chose not to have lidocaine as an active ingredient for a number of reasons, the most important of which is the potential danger of lidocaine causing shock in women and children.

Here’s the latest FDA warning: link

Despite the public perception including myths, pain, fear and confusion over how best to treat jelly stings, StingMate® tested a number of volunteers at a Pacific Coast aquarium jellyfish controlled research facility. Each volunteer had a 10 inch Pacific Coast Sea Nettle Jellyfish placed across the soft tissue inside their forearms to provide the worst sting scenario. StingMate® has proven successful in several International and U.S. locations where reports from professionals like Delray Ocean Rescue who are testing for effectiveness. Miami Beach and Rescue has reported excellent results. Galveston Beach and Rescue was using Stingmate® prior to being decimated by a hurricane. We are in use by beach and safety organizations like Hollywood Beach Safety, Cocoa Beach, Okaloosa Island Fire Dept., the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association, as well as in Australia, L.A. Harbor, San Diego EMT Beach Patrol El Toro Beach, Myrtle Beach Patrol, Destin, Pensacola, Corpus Christi, New Zealand, South Africa, Honduras, Costa Rico, Belize, Mexico, South America and on to gather as much straight forward results we can provide the public and scientific community. So far, the results show positive pain relief within minutes and, after a few hours of the injury, there are reports where 80% of the injured had no indication of a sting while 20% had complete pain relief but minor redness still visible.

If you have any questions about jellyfish, check out the rest of our website for information, education on jellyfish including first aid, information on species variety, user testimonials, and many photos featuring the sea animal most misunderstood as well as see photos documenting our testing.