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StingMate® Jellyfish Sting Neutralizing Gel’s natural ingredients work together to provide safe and effective relief.

StingMate® works because:

• Acetic acid solution inactivates nematocysts to prevent further stinging during removal and reduce redness.

• Menthol provides an immediate cooling sensation for lasting relief.

• Gel consistency suspends the stinging cells and allows remaining ones to be easily scraped off the skin with any straight edge card.

• The 1 oz. spray bottle fits easily in your beach bag or gear, so it will be ready for you when you need it.

Directions for use:

1)  RINSE IN SALT WATER, NEVER FRESH WATER. The untreated sting should not be rubbed or rinsed in fresh water

2) Apply Stingmate® generously to the sting area.  DO NOT RUB AREA.

3)  After 1-2 minutes, gently scrape using a flat, dull edge such as a credit card or driver’s license (anything flat with an edge) to remove the gel.  THIS IMPORTANT STEP REMOVES REMAINING STINGING CELLS LEFT ON THE SKIN!

4)  Reapply Stingmate® for any stinging cells that remain on the skin after the first application.  Repeat above steps.

5) If minor irritation or itching persists, treat with a hydrocortisone cream.

6)  Always seek medical attention should symptoms persist or worsen.

StingMate® can be purchased at, or select retail stores.